For both lighting and audio data distribution, Luminex GigaCore and network nodes formed the backbone of the RAMMSTEIN stadium tour. Lighting vendor Neg Earth Lights and sound vendor SSE Audio show big confidence in using Luminex technology on one of largest touring productions today.

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Lighting vendor, Neg Earth Lights, supplied 24 Luminex GigaCore switches, nearly 70 Luminex ethernet nodes and more than 60 Luminex DMX splitters to meet the huge data requirements of the lighting system. Neg Earth’s Sam Ridgway commented: “On a network of this size, with this number of universes and parameters, we would only have felt confident using Luminex GigaCore switches.” The lighting network used a fibre backbone to link a series of GigaCore 16XT switch racks, with smaller localised satellite racks connected over standard ethernet cable. Ridgway added: “Over the last few years we have taken the decision to only stock Luminex switches, as in our opinion they offer the greatest stability and flexibility. They’re also really robust.” He continued: “Being able to interrogate the whole network system from a single location makes seeing what’s going on and any fault-finding extremely easy.


Not only was this a busy time for SSE in terms of workload, but it also presented a sea change in terms of audio packages provided – particularly with the incorporation of AVB. “This, at the time, was one of the biggest AVB networks ever put out on the road,” explained Phillips. It was a collaboration that saw SSE work closely with both Luminex and L-Acoustics to ensure the system worked correctly. Luminex GigaCore switches provided the network backbone for the extensive system, with 17 GigaCore 26i switches used to create a compliant infrastructure to support the huge audio system. Assistant Technical Manager, Keith Sujeeun, from SSE’s Hire division, commented: “The Luminex GigaCore switches gave us the ability to offer an AVB-compliant infrastructure, and really proved themselves in an L-Acoustics system on an earlier tour.” SSE’s standard concert tour systems usually consist of three network switches – one at FOH, one stage left and one stage right – so the Rammstein tour was both exceptional and ambitious in scale.
Rammstein’s Luminex system was capable of delivering AVB around an entire stadium, whilst being modular, to create a bigger network or break down into smaller systems,” Sujeeun added. He concluded: “Our technical team was impressed with how incredibly easy the switches are to use and configure. This is handy for people who aren’t very familiar with IT. They are also solidly made, which really matters when they’re being transported from country to country during a tour.” Pain also commented on the new distribution system. “It’s been an interesting change and we had help from both L-Acoustics and Luminex to get the system up and running,” he said. “Right now, it’s rock solid.

Rammstein European Stadium Tour – Show Design: Woodroffe Bassett Design | Lighting Design: Roland Greil & Patrick Woodroffe | Production Design: Florian Wieder | Set Design: Cuno Hahn | LX Programmer: Marc Brunkhardt | Video Programmer: Tim Hornung | Lighting Director: Faren Matern & Marc Brunkhardt | Camera Director: Sven Offen | Live Visuals: Haegar De & David Gesellbauer | Production Director: Nicolai Sabottka | Lighting Vendor: Neg Earth Lights | Sound Vendor: SSE Audio I Technical Consultant: Jeremy Lloyd – Wonderworks | Video: Solotech

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Luminex Network Intelligence is a Belgian based manufacturer of data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio and video applications. Besides Ethernet-to-DMX converters & DMX/RDM splitters for lighting control projects, Luminex also produces Ethernet switches, enabling users to build a complete data distribution system for all types of AV applications. The GigaCore switches are, like almost every other Luminex device, truly plug-and-play products that provide an excellent solution to expand an AV network in a very user-friendly way, without needing any IT knowledge. Luminex products can be found in the most demanding installation, theatre and tour sound and light applications worldwide.