Be part of a high-end technology company that’s providing the backbone for world’s most mesmerizing entertainment events.

Support Engineer & Application Specialist @ Luminex Belgium (Genk)


RTFM – Read The Friendly Manual!
Did you try to turn it off and on again?

Test Engineer @ Luminex Belgium (Genk)

Are you a Test Engineer? We want to avoid our applications from crashing. Fly over & land a job at Luminex.

Software Engineer @ Luminex Belgium (Genk)

Sending data packages used to be an adventure.
– …. .. … / -.-. — ..- .-.. -.. / …. .- …- . / -… . . -. / -.-. — -.. . -.. / -… . – – . .-.

Embedded Software Engineer @ Luminex Belgium (Genk)

Embed yourself in our switches and nodes.

Senior Electronics Engineer @ Luminex Belgium (Genk)

Are you an Electronics Engineer?
Luckily for you we’re not making gramophones.
Come and play your jazzy tunes at our office.

Join us in providing cutting edge technology to build a complete data distribution system for big events or large venues. 

Our products are being used in big shows such as the Eurovision Song Festival, the opening ceremony of the Sotsji Winter Games, Roland Garros, Glastonbury Festival, multiple concerts at Madison Square Garden, Formula 1 events, Montreux Jazz festival, Tomorrowland, Tour de France, Beijing Opera Art Festival, Sanremo Music Festival, Roskilde Festival and many more. 

We support world tours of multiple superstars like Robbie Williams, Muse, Coldplay, Adele, Beyoncé, Radiohead, Ed Sheeran & Rammstein.  

Big studios like Facebook Studios,  Pinewood, BBC, CNN & CCTV are using Luminex to build a complete data distribution system to shoot the most amazing documentaries and films. 

Muse Arena | Powered by Luminex

Get involved in the development of top-notch switches, converters, nodes and splitters build for the professional Audio, Video & lighting market.

Open positions

We offer several challenging jobs in our fast-growing Belgian company with a well-known reputation in the worldwide entertainment industry and nominated for Trends Gazellen for the third consecutive year. You will become part of a team of developers, testers, support engineers and application specialists with room for initiative and focus on innovation. In our dynamic environment, you have the opportunity to create and deploy cutting-edge technologies for famous international clients. We encourage you to live up to your full potential and develop your talents.

Check our opportunities below or let us know what your talent is and send us your CV and motivation to jobs@luminex.be.

It’s in our DNA to innovate. We’ve always been pioneers travelling beyond technological limits. Join us in our adventures.