The most versatile rack-mounted RJ45 splitter for professional lighting solutions, perfect for fixed installations.

High port flexibility

The 10 port LumiSplit with A/B zone selection offers you the highest port flexibility at configuring multiple DMX lines.

Advanced RDM features

Manage and set-up all your lighting fixtures and LumiSplit devices through any RDM controller.

RDM port filtering

Non-RDM lighting fixtures never behave strange anymore thanks to RDM filtering per port.

Merge and back-up mode

LumiSplit 2.10 can be configured in different modes such as HTP/LTP merging mode and back-up mode.

Optic and galvanic isolation

Full isolation safeguards the device against spikes and power surges on the network.

Touring approved

With RJ45 connectors, Ethercon version of LumiSplit is designed for fixed installations.

Advanced RDM features: never climb the truss again.

All LumiSplit devices have enhanced RDM features, which enable users to discover, manage and set-up every unit directly from any RDM controller. Even future upgrades can be executed over RDM.


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The ultimate result of 10 years experience

Based on 10 years of in-house expertise at developing bidirectional networking equipment between lighting controllers and fixtures, Luminex now brings you the most reliable, versatile and easy-to-use DMX/RDM splitter ever built.

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