RPSU 400

Monitor up to three GigaCore 26i to build up ultimate power redundancy!

The RPSU 400 is the answer in term of power redundancy for the GigaCore 26i switches. Fitted in a 19” enclosure, the unit can monitor three GigaCore 26i switches at the same time. In the unlikely event one of the switches’ power supply fails, the RPSU 400 will provide backup power to one unit at a time, seamlessly.

Not only can the RPSU secure the power input of the GigaCore 26i switch, it can also backup the optional PoE (Power over Ethernet) supply of the switch. This means the user can be assured PoE devices connected to a GigaCore 26i switch will always receive power through their network cable.



  • Monitor three GigaCore 26i switches at a time
  • Provide backup power to one switch at a time
  • Provide backup power over Ethernet to one switch at a time
  • 1 general status LED
  • 3 status LEDs, one for each output
  • Status of the RPSU available through the GigaCore 26i switch web interface
  • Smart fan control
  • Universal power supply: 100-240VAC

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