visualize your data flow with confidence




providing a clear, intuitive & graphical map
of complex network configurations



A software tool that provides a complete graphical overview of a Luminex Network, showing connections, data flow and problems in a simple, clear and graphical manner. Araneo removes the cloud of confusion from networking, making everything visible to the AV professional without requiring specialist networking knowledge. Araneo provides the visibility and confidence in a fully converged network to ensure a seamless experience, regardless of complexity.

ARANEO saves time, reduces risks and
makes proactive problem solving possible.



  • Shows the paths of data moving around a Gigacore based network.
  • Provides a top level view of each connection and its current condition.
  • Shows physical interuptions and potential problems before they impact the show.
  • Highlights connections that are close to their bandwidth limit.
  • Shows changes to a redundant link, and even POE loads.
  • Allows you to configure groups to route applications on your network.

Araneo’s new way of thinking presents the network as a whole giving a single, global view of a complete system in an easy to read form.

By showing the network as a whole, an entire layer of configuration and commissioning is both simplified and made more efficient. When the network is in use, proactive action can be taken to resolve issues before they have any impact, improving reliability and confidence in the entire system.