Plan & visualize your AV network with confidence




a clear & intuitive graphical map
of complex network configurations



A Network planning & configuration AND real time monitoring tool in one that provides a complete graphical overview of a Luminex Network, showing connections, data flow and problems in a simple, clear and graphical manner. Araneo removes the cloud of confusion from networking, making everything visible to the AVL professional without requiring specialist networking knowledge. Araneo provides the visibility and confidence in a fully converged network to ensure a seamless experience, regardless of complexity.

The planning and configuration features let you create topologies and prepare system wide configuration settings easily beforehand. Plan & configure in your own time and deploy the settings when you need to. 

ARANEO saves time, reduces risks and
makes proactive problem solving possible.





Gain more confidence in your AV network!

With this unique network Health Check feature, several critical parameters such as VLAN ID’s, Group names, firmware versions, SFP and Fiber connection status and more, are being checked and flagged automatically to ensure that all those settings on all individual switches inside the network are consistent to one another. This helps you in preventing potential issues and creates the possibility for the user to make network wide adaptations, corrections and optimisations to the GigaCore settings, all centralised from within Araneo.  


Gone are the days of configuring one switch at a time


  • Create & Plan your network topology
  • Import GigaCore switch models and edge devices from a library
  • Make system-wide switch configuration settings beforehand, deploy later
  • Use zones and background images to visually connect you with the real life system
  • Commission the planned settings when you gain access to the network
  • Intuitively assign Groups (VLANS), and configure port settings
  • Save your project files for later use
  • Save a lot of time…


Monitor your network with confidence, Act before the show gets interrupted

Araneo shows the paths of data moving around a Gigacore based network, providing a top level view of each connection and its current condition. As well as showing any physical interruptions. Araneo shows and logs potential problems long before they impact the show, highlighting connections that are close to their bandwidth limit, changes to a redundant link, and even POE loads.


  • Visualizes the data traffic, keeps activity logs and alerts
  • Provides a top level view of each connection and its current condition
  • Shows physical interruptions and potential problems before they can impact the show
  • Highlights connections that are close to their bandwidth limit
  • Monitor your AVB traffic and real bandwidth reservations
  • Shows changes to a redundant link, and even POE loads

In a new way of thinking, Araneo presents the network as a whole, giving a global view of a complete system, in an easy to read form.

By showing the network as a whole, an entire layer of configuration and commissioning is both simplified and made more efficient. When the network is in use, proactive measures can be taken to resolve issues before they have any impact, improving reliability and confidence in the entire system.