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About Luminex

Luminex Network Intelligence is a Belgium-based manufacturer of data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio, and video applications in the entertainment industry. We offer a complete range of network switches, DMXconvertersnodes, and –splitters. Offering easy to deploy and cutting-edge technology for AV designers and technicians to build complete data distribution systems for events and venues of any size. 

We have been pursuing our objective #AVNetworkingMadeEasy since we started our business and cultivate the vision that the multitude of new technologies offered in the AV world, can and should be working together without making compromises. We keep challenging the status quo and are driven to bring peace of mind to our users with our easy way of supporting AV networks. 

At Luminex, we’d like to act as a bridge connecting both the IT- and the AV-world so that our users do not need to worry about combining these two diverging interests. Making it easy and reliable to set up the ever more important network functions. 

Making your life as an AV professional easier

Making your life as an AV professional easier is our motivation and a driving force in our product development. This is also the reason why our products are widely accepted and recognized among professional users worldwide – as the most reliable, intuitive, and easy-to-use products, without the need for any IT knowledge to operate them. That’s exactly what our plug-and-play GigaCore switch range does. They are completely pre-configured to transport all commonly-used lighting and AV protocols, such as Art-Net, MANet, Dante™, RAVENNA/AES67, PTP V2, AVB /Milan, and many others. The settings we have validated and tested are made for convergence, so no specific profiles are needed.

Our story


It all started back in 2002, in an apartment in the small municipality of Eksel, Belgium. CEO Bart Swinnen and co-founder Jan Renckens, both with a vast experience in professional lighting and audio, brought together a few young and enthusiastic people that had a background and a passion for electronics and software development. Their goal was to create new and distinctive technology for professional lighting projects. So, they started off as Luminex Lighting Control Equipment, a young and ambitious company that specialized in developing lighting control equipment for the entertainment industry. In 2004 they successfully launched their first product. The Ethernet-DMX8 node which gained immediate recognition and was deployed successfully to run 32 DMX lines at the Paralympics games in Athens! 

Our Luminex Ethernet-DMX8, launched in 2004.

The experience gathered by deploying larger lighting data set-ups clearly revealed the need for a hassle-free network infrastructure solution dedicated to the entertainment industry. 

Many specific protocols are used in the entertainment industry which are not standardized in the IT industry; trying to fit an IT network infrastructure in an entertainment environment requires a lot of IT knowledge. 

This statement was the starting point for the development of the complete GigaCore product line.

The following years, Luminex became a well-known brand in the lighting control industry. We started validating our products with big brand names such as MA Lighting, Yamaha, QSC, and many more. Today we are working extremely hard to continue pioneering in the lighting industry, but we are also focusing on wider markets such as audio, broadcasting, and video control. We aim to validate our products with as many as possible of the bigger brands in the industry and are making sure that when used in such an ecosystem, all is working hassle free out of the box.

Our solutions are now also often used in art and design, fixed installations in buildings, theme parks, cruise ships, architainment and many more. With the latest technologies available we want to bring high-performance products with high reliability, excellent customer focused service provided by experienced field Applications Specialists.

That is why Luminex has become a valuable brand in the entertainment industry when it comes to networking solutions. We ship our products worldwide through our official distribution channel allowing our user community to benefit from local presence and support.

Get on board, it’s fun here.

We need hardware-, software- and test-engineers

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