Boundary clock support with GigaCore FW v1.3.1

With the release of GigaCore firmware v1.3.1, Luminex again brings an important new feature.

Boundary clock support!

Gigacore has always been PTP aware but only in end-to-end transparent mode. Now, for each Group (VLAN) individually, GigaCore can function in Boundary clock mode, following the elected grandmaster clock.
Individual communication of each timeReceiver with the timeTransmitter clock is no longer needed in this scheme.
This ensures clock stability when scaling up the network. Especially when there are a large number of devices that each depend on synchronization with their timeTransmitter clock.

This solution is ideal to scale networks based on RAVENNA, AES67,ST2110….

For ease of use, an automatic clock profile mode re-distributes the timeTransmitter parameters to the following timeReceiver devices.

For more advanced use cases, a choice of pre-defined clock profiles is available; AES67 media, SMPTE, AES SMPTE interop, 1588 default and a custom mode where the user can set all parameters as required.

v1.3.1 is now available for download from this site or, even easier, upgrade your GigaCore with this new version through Araneo!


At ISE 2024, Luminex presents the GigaCore 10t and more…

At ISE 2024, Luminex presents the GigaCore 10t and more…

At ISE 2024, Luminex presents the latest addition to their range of touring grade pro AV ethernet switches: GigaCore 10t and much more…

[Genk, Belgium, January 2024] – Press release – 

Luminex, the leading manufacturer of professional AV networking solutions, will be demonstrating their complete lineup including the recently released 10Gb installation and integration models

GigaCore 10i and 16i, both compact, half 19” solutions that have the PoE++ option on all copper ports.

Another brand-new model, the much-anticipated half 19” Pro AV ethernet switch GigaCore 10t, specifically designed for demanding touring applications will be on display as well on booth 7G300.

This new model is designed for professional AV touring applications and with its ruggedised connectors and a large option of equally ruggedised fibre optic connector types, GigaCore 10t deals with all possible challenges of live entertainment applications.

It is ideal for building a fully redundant A/B network in a single rack space.The switch also features two M10 inserts so it can be mounted in any rig.

Together with the GigaCore 20t,18t and 16t, GigaCore 10t marks the completion of Luminex’ touring grade GigaCore family, a range of pro AV ethernet switches that are the logical choice to make converged networking easy for each AV job.

All Luminex GigaCore ethernet switches are enabled to support converged networking out of the box. Thanks to their 10 Gb connectivity, the GigaCore range allows full network convergence of audio, lighting, intercom, (compressed) video, and more. Pre-configured Quality of Service (QoS), IGMP multicast, and PTPv2 settings will assure a responsive and an extremely stable network environment for the most demanding time-critical audio protocols like Dante™, AES67, Q-SYS, and many others. Furthermore, AVB/MILAN is supported out of the box on the management group (VLAN) and can be activated on all other Groups as well. It can operate simultaneously with PTPv2 applications in a converged network on multiple groups (VLANS) as will also be demonstrated by the Luminex specialists present on booth 7G300.

With professional audio networks becoming larger, with more and more endpoint devices in setups where the grandmaster clock might be challenged with processing all individual responses, the need for a scalable and reliable distribution of these critical timing synchronization signals is growing.

Gigacore’s latest firmware update (Q2 availability) will enable vital support for PTPv2 boundary clock for the complete GigaCore family. This ensures scalability of the clock signals in larger setups without compromises.

Simultaneous use with different clocking protocols in separate Groups (VLANS) such as gPTP for AVB/MILAN and PTPv1 for Dante for example, are possible on the same network infrastructure, bringing converged networking now to a new level for extended pro AV networks as it will be demonstrated at ISE.

Finally, Luminex will also be showing new additions to the Lumicore range, The LumiCore 16 and LumiCore 32 (Q2 2024 availability) will join the ranks of LumiCore 64, offering flexibility in advanced networking with isolated VLANS that can merge input data into different outputs. These new versions ensure process engine scalability from a theatre all the way up to a large festival setup.

All in all, many reasons that make a visit to the Luminex booth worth your while!

Visit www.luminex.be for more information.

ISE details:

Date:                                 January 30th – February 2nd

Location:                          Fira Barcelona

Luminex Booth:              7G300


About Luminex Network Intelligence

Luminex Network Intelligence is a Belgian manufacturer of data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio, and video applications, focusing mainly on the entertainment industry. Luminex offers a complete range of network switches that have been validated for interoperability in many ecosystems, providing AV designers and technicians with cutting-edge technology to build a complete data distribution system ranging from small setups to big events or large venues. Our commitment is to make it as easy as possible to deploy a professional converged AV network, even without any IT knowledge. Luminex products are completely preconfigured to transport all commonly used lighting and audio protocols, such as Art-Net™, MA-Net, sACN, AVB/Milan™, Dante™, AES67, PTPv2, and many more.

Luminex demonstrates multifaceted Araneo software at ISE 2023

Luminex demonstrates multifaceted Araneo software at ISE 2023

[Genk, Belgium, 25th Jan 2023] — With excitement we announce that Luminex will be exhibiting at this year’s ISE, from Jan 31st to Feb 3rd in Barcelona, Spain. As one of the leaders in the AV industry, we are grateful to have the opportunity to showcase our new developments; Araneo software and GigaCore switches, to a wide audience of professionals and industry experts. (more…)

Luminex Presents the New GigaCore 30i and Araneo at IBC 2022

Luminex Presents the New GigaCore 30i and Araneo at IBC 2022

[Genk, Belgium, 30th August 2022] — Since Luminex unveiled its GigaCore 30i 10Gb AV Network switch at Prolight & Sound back in April, the new product has triggered the interest of many partners and users. At IBC 2022, Luminex will continue showcasing the visitors how the GigaCore 30i together with the intuitive Araneo solution for planning, configuring and monitoring unleash the power of AV networking. (more…)