Convert and merge lighting protocols like a pro. Luminex nodes form the bridge between your favourite lighting console(s) (Ethernet) and lighting fixtures (DMX).


A Luminex node is a converter that translates Ethernet protocols to DMX signals to control lighting fixtures. It’s also able to merge signals from multiple lighting consoles. This comes in very useful when you have multiple consoles to control the same lighting fixtures. A Luminex node enables you to define which console has the authority to control specific parameters of each fixture in the network.

Easily cope with up to 300 universes.

All Luminex nodes have extremely powerful processors. This enables you to unleash your creativity and let you stream up to 300 universes at 40 fps (without compromising on merging policies).

Custom merging tool to control specific parameters with different sources.

The Ethernet-DMX converters by Luminex have a custom merge engine. This allows specific parameters of lighting fixtures being controlled by different sources. F.e. you can have a console controlling all lighting attributes and merge in BlackTrax who controls all the position parameters (pan, tilt, focus, zoom, iris …). On top of this, you can define a trigger channel to X-fade between the 2 controllers.

The possibilities are really endless …

You can setup every bi-directional node as an input/output box, merger, splitter, back-up system … Check out or complete range for Ethernet-DMX converters to discover the endless possibilities.

Re-routing feature to visualize merged results.

When pre-programming a set-up, you can set a re-routed path to test merged results in a visualizer. This option also enables you to feed Ethernet fixtures with merged sources.

Robust design with shielded connectors.

All Luminex nodes have a robust metal housing and ruggedized connectors to make them ideal for touring and productions. Plug, unplug and replug without any harm. The shielded connectors also protect the devices against spikes and power surges.

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