The Lugano Arte e Cultura (LAC) is a cultural centre right at the border of the beautiful Lake Lugano in Lugano (Switzerland). It is dedicated to visual and performing arts and has become one of Switzerland`s most important cultural centre.Besides the impressive 1`000 seat concert and theatre venue with a special modular and removable acoustic shell, the LAC accommodates also the Art Museum of Italian Switzerland.

The LAC relies now on the Luminex GigaCore 26i PoE Switches to control the whole audio equipment, all amplifiers, the Optocore system, the control of the video system, the wireless microphone system and the whole intercom system. Most importantly, the easy-to-use Luminex management system via webinterface brings new efficiency for the LAC technicians – VLAN`s can be made within seconds when needed. Anotherimportant point was the low noise fans of the GigaCore 26. They are barely recognisable so that this change of switches brought down the noise level dramatically.

The three GigaCore 26i PoE`s are installed on the left and right of the stage where they have each side a rack with all technical equipment. The third switch is in the control room – all switches are
interconnected via a multimode-fiber connection. This project is done by our Swiss distributor ZAP SA