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New GigaCore V2.0.1 Firmware

GigaCore Family

Luminex is happy to announce the release of the V2.0.1 firmware for the GigaCore range of Ethernet switches.

Feel free to check the release notes to see the improvement of this firmware. You can download your version here

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Luminex and [LITE]com for 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Dimmer City 5 Dimmer City 1 - DMX Dimmer City 1 - Network Dimmer City 2 - The switches and LumiNet Monitor V2 Dimmer City 3 Dimmer City 4 Dimmer City 5 The team

The 59th edition of the Eurovision song contest took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish Radio Broadcasting (DR), official host of the event, wanted to bring the show to a new level of challenge. DR decided to hold the show at the B&W Hallerna, formerly a 60m high shipyard.
Located in the Refshaleøen area of Amager in Copenhagen, this old industrial complex had to receive tailor-made and massive modifications to host the show. State of the Art building and mechanical engineering were used to turn the two huge shipyards into a massive venue, able to receive an impressive stage set and about 11000 attendees from all over Europe.

Stage designer Claus Zier created a diamond shaped stage, to match the official #JoinUS logo of this year ESC edition. Kasper Lange, lighting designer of the event, had the challenge to sublimate this diamond, and to reveal the industrial look of this uncommon "venue"

Danish production company [LITE]com was selected as the official supplier of the lighting system, and teamed up with PRG company to offer the ESC an un-compromised service. During the creation of the lighting network, [LITE]com team was assisted by Thomas Brockmann, to design a very secured and fault tolerant network. The idea was to provide a fibre based infrastructure between the control room and the 4 dimmer-cities for the MA2 Lighting network. A dual ring topology was thus used between control room and dimmer-cities, providing redundancy on link level.
Another ring network was designed to transport hoist control, Intercom over IP and power management. Finally, another network was created for the ArtNet data.

As the team had to transport a large amount of different data, they decided to use the Luminex GigaCore switches. Key point of the switches were their plug and play redundant system for link failure, and their ability to easily create groups, in order to isolate protocols from each other.
GigaCore switches were used to transport protocols such as MANet2, ArtNet, HippoNet, intercom over IP, Cyberhoist, all over the venue, for a total of 29 devices. Some of these switches were also used to provide power to the intercom over IP system through PoE (Power over Ethernet).

On DMX level, Ethernet-DMX8 MkII converters and Luminex DMX512-A 2.10 splitters were used to carry both DMX and RDM signal to the lighting fixtures. Latest LumiNet Monitor V2 software was in charge of monitoring the RDM devices connected to the network. The [LITE]com team reported a very fast setup for the network, where time is a critical factor on such event.

Luminex CEO, Bart Swinnen quoted : "we're thrilled to have been part of such an iconic event, and we really thanks [LITE]com and PRG for their trust in our networking solution ! This event is the proof our GigaCore switches can handle any size of show, in a convenient way".

All equipment were provided by Gobo & Highlight, Luminex exclusive dealer for Denmark, and Luminex.

Used equipments:

ESC Lighting control network team :

  • System provider : [LITE]com
  • System designers : Thomas Brockmann, Nicolai Gubi Schmidt, Balder Thorrud.
  • Gobo & Highlight support : Jens Holm Larsen
  • Luminex support : Bart Swinnen, Fabrice Gosnet.
Photos: © Nicolai Gubi Schmidt, Fabrice Gosnet