Set up a professional AV network without IT knowledge. Our data distribution equipment is used for pro lighting, audio and video solutions in the entertainment industry, installation market and architecture business.

Converged AV networking

Converged networking is much more cost-effective and time-saving. Luminex switches are validated against many protocols and you can easily set-up a combined network for your lighting, audio and video applications, without any worries or compromises.

Ultimate redundancy

With Luminex switches and the RLinkX protocol you don’t have to worry about losing signal during a big show. Whenever a link fails or breaks, the redundant link automatically takes over the signal in just milliseconds. Also on power and temperature level our switches offer redundancy.

Remote Device Management

Climbing the truss to change a simple device setting or patch lighting fixtures is a thing of the past. All our converters and splitters are RDM enabled so you can quickly setup and manage all your end-devices from one central platform: your favourite RDM controller.


Robust touring equipment

Taking equipment on a tour, renting it to customers or using it for live events makes it really vulnerable for damage. That can lead to catastrophic situations. But not with Luminex. Our devices have an extra robust housing and ruggedized Ethercon or Fiber-Optic connectors.

We understand your applications

PTPv2 IEEE 1588-2008, HogNet, DiffServ (DSCP), PoE+ and many more …

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PTPv2 Timing protocol in AV networks

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