With the release of GigaCore firmware v1.3.1, Luminex again brings an important new feature.

Boundary clock support!

Gigacore has always been PTP aware but only in end-to-end transparent mode. Now, for each Group (VLAN) individually, GigaCore can function in Boundary clock mode, following the elected grandmaster clock.
Individual communication of each timeReceiver with the timeTransmitter clock is no longer needed in this scheme.
This ensures clock stability when scaling up the network. Especially when there are a large number of devices that each depend on synchronization with their timeTransmitter clock.

This solution is ideal to scale networks based on RAVENNA, AES67,ST2110….

For ease of use, an automatic clock profile mode re-distributes the timeTransmitter parameters to the following timeReceiver devices.

For more advanced use cases, a choice of pre-defined clock profiles is available; AES67 media, SMPTE, AES SMPTE interop, 1588 default and a custom mode where the user can set all parameters as required.

v1.3.1 is now available for download from this site or, even easier, upgrade your GigaCore with this new version through Araneo!