Luminex Network and Product Training

27-28 June 2017  |  Subscription form

Luminex Network Intelligence (Slamstraat 13, 3600 Genk, Belgium)


Day 1 (9am – 6pm)

  • Network fundamentals (wiring, topologies, IP addressing, protocols …)
  • GigaCore Switches (RLinkX, Groups, QoS, IGMP, MultiLinkX)
  • New: offline editor for switches, GigaCore 10 and GigaCore 2.4.0 interface

Day 2 (9am – 6pm)

  • Lighting fundamentals (decimal vs. hexadecimal, ArtNet vs. sACN)
  • Ethernet-DMX Convertors (web interface, merging policies, application examples …)
  • LumiSplit DMX/RDM splitters (v4 firmware)
  • LumiNet Monitor (#newRDMexperience)
  • New: offline editor for converters

Participation to the seminar is exclusively for Luminex Dealers and free of charge.
Lunch, dinner and training certificates during training days are included.

  • Please provide a phone number on which we can reach you upon arrival in Belgium.