Dear Partner,

It goes without saying that our entertainment industry has been sailing heavy weather the last two years.

Lack of assignment caused a lot of equipment to remain unused on the shelves or being deployed far below its intended capacity.

The Luminex Management Team is aware of the difficulties our partners are facing; this is the reason we decided to grant all end-users with an extended 1-year warranty free of charge!

Currently, all our products are covered by a standard 2-year warranty. End users who register their product on our website through the following link will automatically benefit from an additional 1 year of warranty.

To further express our confidence in the quality and reliability of the existing Luminex products and to welcome our new 10Gb product range, we will keep on offering this extra year of warranty even after our lives and business activities return to normal.


All Luminex products are eligible for the 3rd year of warranty.

The only requirement to benefit from this extra warranty is to register the product on our Luminex website. For the registration process, you will be required to fill in the serial number of the product as well as to attach a copy of the original invoice. The website allows the registering of multiple serial numbers at the same time.

*Luminex reserves the right to halt or pause this offering as business practices may require.