The 2021 CEV Champions League Super Finals took place at the AGSM Forum in Verona, and both women’s and men’s finals were broadcasted live across Europe. Infront Productions produced the event and collaborated with Giovanni and Alessandro Rosati from Mediaextreme Group S.r.l., who set up and created the lighting project using ROBE lighting fixtures and Luminex DMX devices. In total, 99 x Spiider, 18 x MegaPointe, 24 x LEDBeam 150, 1 x RoboSpot follow spot system, 2 x LumiNode 12 and 2 x LumiSplit 2.10 were implemented.

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Mediaextreme already has many years of experience in organizing and broadcasting live sports events. The company started with its original division called Audioextreme, which was famed for working along with Sky – a British satellite television platform operating in Italy, and Italia 1 – an Italian free-to-air television channel.


Alessandro Rosati and Marco Bussandri, the lighting designers at Mediaextreme said: “The sports hall from the AGSM Forum in Verona is a large venue with a capacity of up to 5,350 people. We had to set up and distribute the lighting fixtures to a height of 15m from the parterre and suspended 9 trusses at a height of 16m. We are glad that the technical staff did a great job!”. During the event, Alessandro took care of the equipment position, managed the RoboSpot BaseStation, and utilized DIALux software to visualize the lighting plan. While Marco planned and managed the console lighting and the network with Luminex products.

“This lighting project aimed to highlight and illuminate the athletes, following precise photometric standards. To achieve this result, photographically speaking, we have to maintain a gap between the playing field and the rest of the venue. Luigi Catalfamo, the production director, thus requested to use as few flat shots as possible to accentuate three-dimensional conceptual space for augmented reality.” They added.


“Thanks to Spiider’s photometric feature, we could illuminate the entire parterre with an average value of 1,600 lux. The symmetrical arrangement across the playing field created a gigantic matrix with 11 fixtures every 9 trusses. This allowed us to carry out effects during Time Outs and Mid Shows.”

“Even small fixtures like the LEDBeam 150 can stand out in such a large venue!” Mediaextreme spread 24 pieces of LEDBeam 150 around the perimeter of the ring to highlight the playing field and illuminate the stands. They also used them for the backlighting on the benches during Time Out. On top of that, 14 of the 18 pieces of MegaPointes were split into pairs on each truss and created different effects. Gobos were added as an extra when pointing on the seats.

Alessandro continued: “For the followspot lighting, I used RoboSpot’s to remotely control fixtures without the safety concerns and impracticality of placing personnel at the top venue, and it also allowed for quick and clean aiming. 4 MegaPointes were controlled and monitored by BaseStation and MotionCamera, which is featured with handles, monitors and controls while the latter allowed for my commands to instantly be transferred to the luminaires via DMX control. We are very satisfied that we have not encountered any latency in the remote control.” He summed up: “We replied on ROBE because it offers spotlights that are precise in their movements and with a considerable output in lumens. We have been using ROBE products since 2014 when we first bought some ColorSpot 700 ATs from RM Multimedia, and our ROBE stocks kept growing thereafter. Over the years, our investment has paid off. The quality of the products, the rapid assistance, and the wide network increase job opportunities. When we propose ROBE for an event, work is guaranteed.”

Alessandro also shared his experience in using Luminex. “Our colleague Marco Bussandri was the specialist for LumiNode 12 and LumiSplit 2.10. With these products, he was able to manage and distribute 11 DMX universes. Furthermore, thanks to LumiNode and LumiSplit, it was possible to control the RDM connection between RoboSpot, MotionCamera, and MegaPointe.”

“With only 2 LumiNode 12, we were able to have the redundancy in all DMX universes, ensure hassle-free recovery system in case of a link failure. In fact, we used one LumiNode 12 as the main node and another as a backup.”

Alessandro concluded: “Luminex products have made our work easier!”

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© Photo: Marco Nola for Mediaextreme Group Srl
Lighting design: Alessandro Rosati, Marco Bussandri
Programming and Luminex specialist: Marco Bussandri
RoboSpot Operator: Alessandro Rosati
Lighting service: Mediaextreme Group Srl
Installation Technicians: Marco Bussandri, Enrico Piazza, Luca Travaglini, Tommaso Davoglio, Daniele Ghio and Eric Ghio
Director: Luigi Catalfamo