The Ninth China Beijing Opera Art Festival, one of the most prestigious art festivals in China, co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. The festival took place in Beijing from Sept 21 to Oct 15 at the National Center for the Performing Arts. Luminex is honored to support the backbone system for the grand symphony – Beijing Grand Canal.

The art form “ Beijing Opera” first arose in the mid-Qing dynasty and became recognized in the mid-19th century. Since then, it has come to be regarded as one of the cultural treasures of China. It is a combination of music, vocal performance, mime, dance, and acrobatics, which makes it one of the most multifaceted theatrical forms in the world. This year, the festival gathered the most respected and talented artists in Beijing to jointly produce the symphony. To ensure the performance standards, the system-components were carefully evaluated, and they selected the high-quality audio speakers from manufacturer CODA Audio; the industry-proven mixers from Avid VENUE (S6L 48D); and as the reliable binding agent between these high-end systems, Luminex Network System components including 4 x GigaCore 10 and Araneo, to guarantee the continuation of the show.

Why is Luminex the ideal network solution?
Live, prestigious performances with high expectations from both performers and audience need strong, reliable, easy to manage and configure networks. Luminex provides even more network reliability by putting in place RLinkX (Redundant Link) in the GigaCore configuration; allowing the network to recover in milliseconds in case of potential failure, ensuring the audience would not even notice.

Luminex’s pre-configured GigaCore switches and visualization software Araneo perfectly relieves the burden from the AVL professionals. Araneo provides a complete graphical overview of a Luminex Network, showing connections, AVB data flow, and potential issues in a simple, proactive, and graphical manner. It provides clear feedback and logs activity on what has happened so that the AVL technicians can have confidence the live show will take place without any snag.

The Ninth China Peking Opera Art Festival truly revealed how AV technology brought the traditional Chinese heritage into life. And Luminex is proud to be part of them.

About Luminex
Luminex Network Intelligence is a Belgium-based manufacturer of data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio and video applications. Besides Ethernet-to-DMX converters & DMX/RDM splitters for lighting control projects, Luminex also produces Ethernet switches, enabling users to build a complete data distribution system for all types of AVL applications. The GigaCore switches are, like almost every other Luminex device, truly plug-and-play products that provide an excellent solution to expand an AVL network in a very user-friendly way, without needing any IT knowledge. Luminex products can be found in the most demanding installation, theatre and touring AVL applications worldwide.