Over the past decade, South Korea has emerged as a major exporter of popular culture, and the “Korean Wave” has been widely spread around the globe, especially K-pop and K-dramas. Korean movies and dramas are constantly on the top list of different streaming platforms. One of the content providers is Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), a national South Korean television and radio network company.  To accommodate for the growing demand for production capacity, SBS has recently started remodeling their facilities, including SBS 4STUDIO – the News Broadcasting studio. One of the major revamps was the lighting control infrastructure, with an increased demand for AVL networking in the broadcasting industry.  Luminex is delighted with SBS putting confidence in LumiNode 12 as well as LumiSplit 2.10 to run the lighting network system backbone and to support the future evolution of the studios.

Before the remodeling, SBS had some difficulties related to the lighting infrastructure.

Most of the lighting was equipped with halogen lamps and classic dimmers to control the rig. Only a few LED lights were used but only controlled by a remote direct circuit. The studio has a fixed pipe grid on the ceiling, which required a lift and a lot of manpower to set up the lights, not to mention they only had the on/ off system. It was also difficult to control the intensity and color temperatures and adjust the lights remotely.

As all the LED lighting did not have an Ethernet port. The major concern was: “How to convert DMX signal from ArtNet or sACN simply and reliably and how to manage the DMX universes easily?”.

With all the challenges they were facing: inflexible, unreliable, difficult to manage, and especially the safety of the anchormen and crew, SBS decided to replace the entire lighting system with LED and trusted the Luminex Networking System – the proven solution for aptly addressing various lighting issues.

Thanks to Luminex’s specific approach, the LumiNode product range is no longer limited by its physical DMX ports and offers a clear path for future expansion of the lighting system, even when it concerns Ethernet only connected products. LumiNode products unlock the full potential of advanced networking with built-in process engines. LumiNode 12 offers up to 16 processing engines. The more processing capacity, the more flexibility for the shows. It also allows to merge up to 4 input sources. Additionally, the configurations can be done and monitored in one intuitive web UI.

LumiSplit and LumiNode are both working with Remote Device Management system (RDM), which provides ultimate flexibility and simplicity, enabling users to discover, manage and set up every unit directly from LumiNet Monitor or any RDM controller in a remote manner.

Luminex is happy to support SBS with the remodeling and believes our AVL networking solutions can bring more benefits to the entire broadcasting industry in the foreseeable future.

About Luminex
Luminex Network Intelligence is a Belgium-based manufacturer of data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio and video applications. Besides Ethernet-to-DMX converters & DMX/RDM splitters for lighting control projects, Luminex also produces Ethernet switches, enabling users to build a complete data distribution system for all types of AVL applications. The GigaCore switches are, like almost every other Luminex device, truly plug-and-play products that provide an excellent solution to expand an AVL network in a very user-friendly way, without needing any IT knowledge. Luminex products can be found in the most demanding installation, theatre and touring AVL applications worldwide.