We are excited to announce our new Araneo software release v1.5.0.

In this version, many new features anticipated by our user community will be available; including:

1. Health Check

An automated Health Check feature has been added which performs a certain number of vital checks and reports any inconsistencies to the user. Health Check will make it easy to keep settings consistent throughout the entire GigaCore switches network.

2. Support for GigaCore 30i

GigaCore 30i is now supported by the latest Araneo 1.5.0 version. For these switches models, network wide support for customer defined Groups (VLAN) and Trunks has been added.

3. IGMP Querier indication and settings

Araneo now shows which GigaCore switch is the IGMP querier in the network.

And many more! Please consult the release notes below for all the improvements.

Please visit our website and download your copy of Araneo today.

Download the full release notes here:
Araneo 1.5.0 Release notes