Luminex has released its latest Araneo software (release v1.4.0).

In this version, Araneo brings many practical improvements anticipated by our users.

1. AVB Master clock selection & AVB Clock priority

From now on, Audio professionals working with AVB networks will be able to set AVB switch clock priority to allow for a scheme of Master/Backup/Default gPtP master clock setting in their network.

2. AVB hop-count information

AVB hop-count information is now displayed as well across GigaCore switches, facilitating monitoring compliance with network design guidelines.

3. LumiNode

Lighting professionals will also learn that Araneo 1.4.0 can now display LumiNode devices as enriched edge devices! With for example added functionality for upgrading the firmware of all LumiNodes in the network at once!
Utilities like direct access to the Luminode WebUI and bulk firmware upgrade functionality, allowing to upgrade all LumiNodes in the network with one click of a button, greatly enhance the network-wide management and monitoring of every LumiNode in the network.

The addition of LumiNodes as an edge device is the first step in the full integration of LumiNode in Araneo, providing the necessary foundation for future functionality updates such as the offline configuration of process engines and many more.

And more! Please consult the release notes below for all the improvements.

Please visit our website and download your copy of Araneo today.

Download the full release notes here:
Araneo 1.4.0 Release notes