Rock am Ring in Germany

Rock am Ring and Rock im park festivals running on motionfiber network with Luminex

During the weekend of 2-4 June 2017, bands such as Die Toten Hosen, System of a Down, Prophets Of Rages, Beatsteaks, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and many others cheered up approximately 170.000 rock fans at two German festivals with identical line-ups and stage set-ups: Rock am Ring in Nürburg and Rock in Park in Nürnberg.

Behind the scenes, media technology provider satis&fy and full service rental company trust.rental GmbH relied on Luminex technology to deploy a fully converged network for lighting, video and intercom. On each festival 12x GigCore 14R and 2x GigaCore 16Xt with PoE, provided by VISIONSTAGE and Trendco, were used to connect Stage Left and Stage Right with FOH over a motionfiber network system.

Motionfiber is a new multifunctional fiber optic system for events, touring and broadcast productions. With a well-organized patch panel in the back, all departments can get their fibers from one box, which generally is very time-saving. You must run only two fiber cables for a redundant system and get 36 Single LC Connectors on your patch panel. For bigger setups, the fiber ring is extendable to more than two backbones. Each signal can be grabbed on every box.

GigaCore 14R

GigaCore 16Xt

“We created a network that could easily connect to guest networks with different groups for protocols like MANet, Art-Net, GreenGo NET, Internet and HogNet. The beauty of Luminex is that you can quickly change your configuration settings or add some VLANs to your network with a simple click. Luminex is the ideal system for a festival set-up with different bands performing on each stage.”

Sebastian Huwig

Managing Director, trust.rental GmbH

“The robust Ethercon connectors make the GigaCore switches very reliable,” says Huwig. “During a festival like Rock am Ring, there are much people rushing around in FOH. So the use of ruggedized Ehtercon connectors prevents a lot of troubles compared to normal Ethernet connectors. Also we needed a network switch with PoE to power the intercom system in every position. With Luminex we have not problems whatsoever adding PoE powered devices if we need to. Just plug and everything is set, as easy as that.”