We will showcase several new products in our booth (#5349) at InfoComm 2017, June 14-16 in the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando. On display will be GigaCore 10, the first truss unit in the GigaCore family; GigaCore 2.4.0 firmware with MultiLinkX; and the LumiSplit family of DMX/RDM splitters.

The introduction of GigaCore 10 at InfoComm marks the debut of the first truss-adaptable switch in the GigaCore family. The 19-inch half unit can be mounted in truss, on a wall or in a single or double rack. It offers RGB LEDs for colored group indication on every port. Ten ports are offered in total: eight Ethercon connectors and two slots for rugged fiber (Neutrik of FiberFox).

GigaCore 10 is also the first Luminex switch with front and rear connectivity for optimum access. Its expected delivery date is September 2017.

New Luminex GigaCore 2.4.0 firmware with MultiLinkX will be in the spotlight, too. Designed for users who need to push more than 1 Gigabit data over the GigaCore switches, MultiLinkX enables users to easily aggregate several Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) into one virtual link to increase bandwidth between switches.

LumiSplit, a range of robust and powerful DMX/RDM splitters, rounds out the new Luminex offerings. This ultimate family of splitters takes Remote Device Management (RDM) to the next level. LumiSplit allows users to organize their lighting devices like never before by easily merging and backing up their DMX sources directly from the splitter. The new boosters are discoverable and configurable from any RDM controller. They are designed with robust housing with galvanic and optical isolation per outlet. LumiSplit is available in LumiSplit 2.10 and LumiSplit 1.6 models. The family of products is now shipping.

Luminex technology also will be featured in the following booths:

  • A.C. Lighting Inc. (#7571)

  • Ashly Audio (#5249)

  • Merging Technologies (#5353)

  • Attero Tech (#6484)

  • Symetrix (#6281)

  • Renkus-Heinz (#6845)

  • Riedel (#5770)

  • Linea Research (#6744)