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Luminex teams up with EES


We are glad to announce that we have a new member in the Luminex family. We give our most warm welcome to EES. Entertainment Equipment Supplies is a company specialized in distribution of high-end lighting equipment and accessories for the Spanish market.
The complete Luminex team is very excited with this new corporation. To know more about Luminex equipment or EES we are happy to invite you to the AFIAL show in Madrid starting April 26 until April 28 where we will officially launch our cooperation. Meet us at booth 01 and 1B right in the middle of the exhibition hall.



Alford Media Services Grows Inventory with LUMINEX GigaCore 16Xt Switches

Live show Live show FOH rack FOH rack Stage rack Stage rack

Alford Media Services, Inc. in Coppell, Texas has added eight LUMINEX GigaCore 16Xt to its inventory. The systems are currently used to manage 2-Yamaha CL5 console packages and the Dante protocol for projects on the road.

Alford Media Services provides audio, video, lighting and show coordination to customers worldwide. The event technology support company is based in suburban Dallas-Fort Worth and serves clients ranging from one-day corporate meetings to touring extravaganzas.

Alford uses the GigaCore 16Xt switches to transport the Dante network over fiber and cat5 for its Yamaha CL5 consoles. Primary and redundant GigaCore switches are housed in the backstage patch rack and in the FOH rack. Multimode Dual LC fiber runs between backstage and FOH; cat5 connects to the console. Video Village inputs and outputs are tied in with another pair of cat5 connections to the backstage GigaCore switches.

The system manages Yamaha Rio Ri8-D and Ro8-D input and output boxes in the FOH rack; a Rio 3224 I/O box and Ri8-D input box in the backstage rack; and a Rio 1608-D I/O box in the Video Village rack.

"The GigaCores' ease of use is great," says Steve Ellis, Audio FOH/Systems Engineer at Alford Media. "Our engineers don't have to be IT guys to put a system together. The GigaCores do all the IP work that not everyone is capable of doing.

"Knowing that I can plug in my racks and [GigaCore] will just work is excellent," he declares. "These days, audio engineers spend a decent amount of time working out network connectivity issues. Not having that issue allows me to focus on other things during my set up."

He reports the systems have been operating "great" with "zero problems" on site. John Caswell, Alford's Audio Specialist, agrees. "We are very happy with the switches. In particular from a packaging standpoint, they are extremely well built and robust. We didn't have to use a "lesser" switch then build patch cables to get to a rear panel. That process adds many points of failure. Simply bolt these into the rack and go do a show. Well done Luminex," he says.

The GigaCore switches have already been deployed on a number of projects, including QuakeCon 2015, the annual four-day, Dallas-based convention where thousands of computer gamers come together to play on a world-class network - it's been called North America's biggest Bring Your Own Computer LAN party. The switches were also used at the RealWorld 2015 User Conference for RealPage, Inc., the leading provider of property management software solutions.

Alford has plans to utilize the popular LUMINEX GigaCore switches for more than audio, too. "We are looking to move our lighting networks onto this system as well, utilizing the separate groups [GigaCore] offers," says Ellis. "At this point we could put the grandMA2s on the same FOH snake as audio."


Luminex expands across the U.S

Luminex Logo

LUMINEX Network Intelligence expands in the US with new sales management partners, agents and distributors across the country. LUMINEX manufactures ruggedized, easy to use Ethernet switches for the commercial and entertainment industries and validated by many of the protocols and standards used today.

Pro AV manufacturers' rep firm Techrep Marketing has become the first company in the US to represent LUMINEX in Michigan and the Ohio Valley. "We were very lucky to get the Techrep Marketing team to join the LUMINEX camp," says Hugo Larin, National Director/America for LUMINEX. "They offer a great dynamic since the leading products and technologies they carry include QSC. LUMINEX is a recommended network switch for Q-LAN protocol."

"We are very excited to represent LUMINEX in the Ohio Valley," says Karl McBryde, Vice President of Sales at Techrep Marketing. "LUMINEX is a leader in providing network technology for AV applications. They understand the convergence between the AV and IT worlds. We look forward to adding their network technology to our current AV offerings.

LUMINEX also appointed Camano Distributing as its new sales management partner west of the Mississippi. LUMINEX products will continue to be available through dealers, who will now be supported locally by Camano Distributing's western reps. Reps include Camano (Northern California and Pacific Northwest), MacWest (Southern California), Warman (Rocky Mountain), Cowser (Texas), Cadon (Kansas) and Thor (Minnesota).

"Even though Camano Distributing is a new company, its President, John Garbutt, is not new to the industry," says Larin. "I'm pleased that his expertise is now available to help us in the very important western markets."

"I'm delighted that LUMINEX has chosen to be represented by Camano Distributing," says John Garbutt. "I've known the LUMINEX people and products for some time and am eager to work with them as we grow the brand. LUMINEX is symbiotic with Pivitec [network audio], and I believe both brands will benefit from Camano Distributing's joint representation."

In addition, LUMINEX has also named Midwest AV Group to handle eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Larin adds that, "It's no secret to those in the Midwest that Patrick McNulty and Barbara Sjodin from Midwest AV Group have high standards and are great at supporting their dealers. This is what we strive for at LUMINEX and why we believe in our joint association."


Amphithéâtre Cogeco Opens in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec with Help of Luminex

The entrance The seats View from the stage Crowdy Opening Ceremony The stage Great view from the stage State of the art rack installation - GigaCore 12, 16Xt, Ethernet-DMX8 MkII and DMX512-A 2.10 Secondary rack Stage racks Stage racks and Yamaha console for Dante network

MONTREAL, Canada - Acts performing at the new Amphitheatre Cogeco in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, are benefiting from Luminex networking gear, which serves as the backbone for the outdoor venue's audio, video, lighting and control systems. Trizart Alliance specified the six Luminex GigaCore 16Xt PoE switches that work as a single multimode fiber ring backbone for the amphitheatre; additional GigaCore 16Xt and GigaCore 12 managed Gigabit Ethernet switches are used in mobile racks as well. TKNL performed the audio, video and control integration, working alongside Solotech, the lighting integrator for the project.

It would be hard to find a better place to enjoy an array of cultural activities - from exclusive performances by Cirque du Soleil to concerts by ZZ Top and leading international blues artists - than Amphithéâtre Cogeco in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Located on a site marking the confluence of the Saint Maurice and Saint Lawrence Rivers, the stunning new amphitheater promises a full calendar of outdoor shows annually from May to September. With LUMINEX as the backbone for audio, video, lighting and control systems effective network integration is assured as the new venue kicks off its debut season.

Situated halfway between Montreal and Quebec City, Trois Rivieres is a historical heritage site in its own right. The Amphithéâtre Cogeco offers a new stop for tourists and a cultural meeting place for regional residents. It has covered seating for 3,500 people and can accommodate up to 5,500 more on a grassy slope. Sophisticated outdoor stage equipment can meet the needs of the largest local, national and international productions; the stage house can be closed off with a steel and glass door for cabaret-style shows. Cirque du Soleil has been contracted to present exclusive shows and previews at the amphitheater, and the site will host other prominent events, such as the annual Trois-Rivieres en Blues festival.

Trizart Alliance, the Montreal-based, globally recognized theater and design consulting firm, specified a LUMINEX solution for the amphitheater. Boucherville, Quebec's TKNL, which specializes in installations, events and environments, performed the audio, video and control integration. Montreal-based Solotech was the lighting integrator.

"It is great to see the entire AV and lighting infrastructure of a premium performing arts venue rely on and trust LUMINEX for such a important aspect of their system," says Hugo Larin, director for LUMINEX in America.

A single multimode fiber ring backbone comprised of six LUMINEX GigaCore 16Xt PoE switches handle three main locations in the venue: the FOH mixing point, the main patch room backstage and the amplifier control room. Additional GigaCore 16Xt and GigaCore 12 managed Gigabit Ethernet switches are used in mobile racks as extra local network devices.

Benjamin Wahiche, technical director with TKNL and a trained LUMINEX technician, believes the amphitheater is one of the first in Canada with a fully-integrated AV network. "I think it's a one-of-a-kind installation for Canada and Quebec," he says. "I've never seen that kind of deployment before. Transporting the signals over the network and receiving information in time and with the right priority is the real deal. Not every protocol plays well with others, but LUMINEX has met that challenge. There's nothing close to LUMINEX on the market that can integrate all the AV and network protocols we use and that can cope with a project of that size."

LUMINEX not only filled the technical needs of the amphitheater but also offered easy operation and maintenance. "LUMINEX is pretty much the only system that can run all the protocols with a user-friendly GUI," says Wahiche. "Other systems require more programming and configuration."

Also, since no IT staff was required the installation time and cost were reduced. All that was required by the technician on site was an easy assignment of Ethernet switch ports in preconfigured groups serving as different segments/protocols on a system.

Everything is redundant and double-wired, notes Wahiche. "We made sure all the redundancy of the system is there: If you unplug anything from the network at any point the network will use the back up link to that device."

Dante™ runs primary and secondary main audio for the Yamaha consoles, Rio stage racks, Shure ULXD4D Dante wireless receivers, Lake LM 44 loudspeaker management devices, and Nexo loudspeaker and amplifier monitoring. On the same ring a Q-Sys Q-LAN Core, I/O frames, stations and paging devices for audio distribution and communication throughout the building is also present. "A single interface controls everything, and all of it is redundant," says Wahiche.

For the amphitheater's sACN and MA-Net2 lighting network Solotech used six LUMINEX Ethernet-DMX2/Truss MkII with PoE nodes and three Ethernet-DMX8 MkII nodes to provide sACN lighting data distribution throughout the building. A grandMA2 light console and NPU processor are the house control system. A complete DMX RDM-ready system allows the system tech to monitor and remotely set lighting devices, such as 48 High End Systems" SolaSpot Pro fixtures, via a LUMINEX LumiNet monitor.

"We are very familiar with LUMINEX products having used them regularly within our rental inventory," says Alexandre Pecqueux, Project Manager with Solotech. "Integrating the equipment into a permanent infrastructure at the amphitheater was a real pleasure."

Pecqueux notes that LUMINEX enables them to "easily manage a complete DMX network via sACN ensuring total control everywhere in the amphitheater as well as a MA-Net2 network for control architecture. I would sum up our experience with LUMINEX as 'plug-and-play.'"

TKNL ran extensive tests of its portion of the system prior to the grand opening of the amphitheater on July 15. "Everything performed even better than we expected," Wahiche reports. At TKNL Josee des Serres is the project manager and Jean-Francois du Nogier the account manager.

Amphithéâtre Cogeco Technical Director, Daniel Savoir concluded, "I am so impressed with the number of patch possibilities and signal quality we have with the Luminex GigaCore system. I have full confidence in the network."

At Trizart Alliance Luc Gelinas is an associate in Trizart's Design Group. At Solotech Alexandre Pecqueux is the Project Manager and Simon Zayed the on-site programmer.

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Luminex GigaCore switches facilitate AV, lighting at Desjardins hall

The Desjardin Hall

A single backbone fiber ring of LUMINEX GigaCore Ethernet switches unifies and simplifies all the AV and lighting functions at Desjardins Hall, a performing arts venue in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec. Located in the Jean-Marie Roy Community Center, Desjardins Hall is part of a multi-use facility on the site of a former college. It will be used for community theatrical and musical performances as well as for visiting artists and troupes.

Trizart Alliance, a globally-recognized theater and design consulting firm based in Montreal, designed and specified the LUMINEX fiber ring installed by Solotech Quebec. "We've been specifying LUMINEX products for close to a year now" for amphitheaters, casinos, performing arts venues and more, says Luc Gelinas, an associate at Trizart's Design Group. "We decided LUMINEX would be a good fit for Desjardins Hall."

Trizart designed a single LUMINEX backbone fiber ring for all AV, lighting and network integration. The ring consists of four GigaCore 16Xt PoE switches, which route signals to and from audio, control, an IP TV and a lighting network. A GigaCore 12 managed Gigabit Ethernet switch, with a primary and secondary connection to the control room, handles all FOH networking needs from the main mix position.

"It is usual to have a number of dedicated networks and switches in small facilities but in this case we were able to handle all the needs with one Luminex GigaCore switche network ring," says Gelinas. The flexibility of the LUMINEX 16Xt PoE switches enable the ring to support many segments: ETCNet3/sACN lighting; Dante(tm)primary/secondary audio; Biamp DSP and D&B speaker and amplifier control; SVSI Video over IP distribution for the green rooms and backstage; a signage processor; and the central Crestron control system.

"We chose LUMINEX for its ease of use and easy integration," says Gelinas. "The interface inside the boxes is simple to use and program - IT people don't need to get involved in the process, and that's not the case with some other systems. The user interface is very easy to manage, too. We had to consider that some system operators might have limited IT knowledge."

Four LUMINEX DMX2-truss PoE nodes are used on the lighting network to provide sACN lighting data distribution from an ETC ION 2000 console. ETC REMOTE FOCUS RFR and ETC PARADIGM boxes handle control and processing.

On the audio side, the Dante network consists of a Yamaha CL5 console, Rio stage boxes and Shure ULXD4Q devices. The Biamp Nexia DSP system and D&B loudspeaker and amp monitoring forms the audio control network.

The SVSI Video over IP network consists of video distribution to the green rooms' and backstage's LCD screens so performers can watch live camera stage feeds.

"The LUMINEX system is working quite well," says Desjardins Hall technical director Eric Lagotte. "It is very stable, and we're very satisfied with it. We haven't had to touch the system parameters. Everything is programmed and works wonderfully."

Lagotte notes that the new venue has staged only several community programs so far. "But we're currently working on a schedule of professional programs to begin in the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 season" when the LUMINEX system will see increased activity.

"It's great to see LUMINEX used in such a mission-critical application at Desjardins Hall," says Hugo Larin, director for LUMINEX in America. "Our integrator managed to deal with everything in a very simple and cost-efficient way."

Larin echoes Gelinas when he says, "No IT staff was involved so installation cost and time were reduced. An easy assignment of Ethernet switch ports in preconfigured groups serving different segments/protocols on the system was pretty much all that was required by the technician on site. All the AV and lighting network requirements were already in the intelligence of GigaCore."

At Solotech Jean-Pierre Toussaint was the project manager and Jean-Francois Huot the senior sales representative.

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